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What 2016 looks like at the most politically active school


On the most politically active campus in the country, the 2016 election is quite a big deal. While Republicans on campus numerous options, the Democratic-leaning students on campus have coalesced around two major candidates: Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.

The “GW for Hillary” and “GW for Bernie” campaigns both have a significant following on social media. The two groups were also well represented at the GW Democrats’ watch party for the first DNC debate on Oct. 13.

GW for Hillary and other Hillary supporters were plentiful and noticeable, loudly and proudly demonstrating their enthusiasm for the former Secretary of State and current front runner. “Hillary is by far the most capable candidate to be President,” said a GW for Hillary representative who was in attendance at the watch party.

Whether through incredible organizing or just the progressive tendencies of college students, Bernie Sanders drew even more support. GW for Bernie was engaging eager students who boisterously clapped for the Vermont senator whose brand of progressive policies and rhetoric have garnered him enough support to be considered a serious contender for the nomination.

“People know what they’re going to get from him [Sanders],” said a representative from GW for Bernie. “He stayed on message just like we knew he would”. Many of the Bernie supporters felt that it is time for a more progressive candidate and they say Senator Sanders is the guy for the job.

On social media, GW for Bernie has amassed 570 “likes” on Facebook compared to 257 for GW for Hillary. Both campaigns seem to focus on issues relating specifically to their candidate. However, they also focus on the GOP opposition.

The Draft Biden campaign, who were admittedly harder to spot at the debate watch party, may have ended before it really got a chance to start. Joe Biden’s announcement that he would not pursue the presidency will surely put a dent in the hopes of GW Draft Biden. It is unknown what exactly the organization will do now.

Both GW for Hillary and GW for Bernie say they will be in attendance at the next Democratic debate watch party.