The Game of Thrones Live Experience @ Verizon Center


Wednesday, March 1st. 7:59 pm. More than five thousand giddy Game of Thrones fans sit in the Verizon Center, eagerly awaiting the most epic showing of the HBO hit-series they will ever experience. One minute later, at 8 pm on the dot, hissing fog emanates from the center stage and through the thick of it, a tell-tale, chilling shape begins to emerge, welcomed by a thunder of cheering only five thousand fanatic Game of Thrones addicts could muster. It is the Iron Throne of Westeros. And with that, more than 65 musicians begin to play the now infamous main title. Thus commences the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience.

The more than 2 hour long show, led by composer Ramin Djawadi, is a feat of astronomical proportions, cramming the best of 6 seasons of the show and its musical score into a gripping, delightful concoction every Game of Thrones fan has been waiting for. The much awaited 7th season of the smash hit series will come to millions of computer and television screens this summer, a few months later than the usual season debut in April. While fans have to wait longer for the forthcoming season, the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience offers addicts of the show an impressive fix, and a chance to let their imaginations run wild with how the series will continue. 

The show features three colossal LCD screens, more than 65 musicians, a full choir, and featured musicians on percussion, vocals, cello, and a 14 foot long didgeridoo, to name a few. At the start of the concert, composer Ramin Djawadi confessed that the show is executed with a dozen or so touring musicians in conjunction with a local orchestra and choir, making the execution and fluidity of the performance even more impressive. Multiple times throughout the show, Djawadi stepped down from conducting the orchestra and performed soloist pieces on the hammer dulcimer and piano, to the delight of the crowd.

If you’re looking to have your mind blown, satisfy your Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms, and enjoy the music that makes game of thrones as epic as it is, live in performance, look no further. This is the experience for you. The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience is on tour across the United States and Canada until April 2nd. Spring may have come early in DC, but have no doubt, winter is coming to venues near you, and you’ll love the sound it makes.


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