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Preview: The Maine at 9:30 Club 11/1

BY LEANDRA PURVIS// Now having been together for 12 years The Maine embarks on their next tour, The Mirror, for their newest album YOU ARE OK. The seventh full-length release from the band is fully charged with a fresh deviation in sound from their previous releases, as well as marking their first top ten premier on the charts at spot #8.

While it is hard to ever really nail down a genre for The Maine, YOU ARE OK is an alt-rock fueled album that packs a punch beginning to end, finishing off with the 10 minute “Flowers on the Grave” that is sure to be a fan favorite if played live. The Mirror tour will spread across several continents around the world, and for a band that is known for playing tight and vibrant sets, these fully immersive shows are sure to mark another high point in the band’s career.

The Maine will be playing in Washington D.C. on November 1st, at the 9:30 Club, doors opening at 7:00 p.m. with openers Twin XL and Nick Santino. This is shaping up to be a tour to remember, so be sure to catch this band while they’re hot.

The Maine consists of John O’Callaghan on lead vocals, Patrick Kirch on percussion, Jared Monaco on lead guitar, Garrett Nickelsen on bass, and Kennedy Brock on rhythm guitar and backing vocals.