PREVIEW: Stars @ 930 Club

BY SARAH SOPHER// Canadian indie pop/rock band, Stars, is bringing their ninth studio album to life on their North American 2018 tour. On April 23 at the 930 Club in Washington DC, fans will be able to experience the relatable and touching performance of this familial band.

In describing the songwriting process, Stars frontman Torquil Campbell said that he likes to “start with titles and work backward towards the actual content.” Their latest album, There is No Love in Fluorescent Light, “is sort of an anti-capitalist statement in its own playful way.” The album reflects on the life that is lost in the world of fluorescent light and in the constructs that society has set up. It reminds listeners to turn off their cell phones, get out of the office, and go outside to feel the love and adventure of life.

Stars is remembered by their unique style. Many of their tracks are performed as duets between the two singers, Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan. Their complementary voices and juxtaposing personas in their songs allows listeners to connect with the lyrics in a new way.

I’m looking forward to hearing the lively and melodic sounds of Stars at the 930 Club because their sound always brings such raw emotion and joy at the same time.

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800 21st St. NW, Marvin Center Suite G02, Washington D.C., 20052

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