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Preview: Louis the Child at The Anthem 11/08

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

BY TAYLOR GALGANO// I’m stoked to see Louis the Child at the Anthem this Friday. I saw Louis the Child

once before at Moonrise Festival in 2016, when I was a semi-fan. However, after a few of

my friends encouraged me to hear their set at Moonrise, my whole perspective of the two

DJs changed. I was instantly obsessed with their set and was in love with their live

performance. I can still vividly remember hearing one of their biggest hits, “It’s Strange,”

live for the first time at Moonrise. Since then, I’ve followed all of their newest releases

and have been waiting to see them again in DC.

Robby Hauldren and Frederic Kennett make up the dynamic DJ duo. Hauldren is

23 and Kennett is 22, so it’s crazy to think about how young they are, while also so

successful. The two DJs went to the same high school in Winnetka, IL, but didn’t meet

one another until a Madeon concert (another popular DJ). Their career started small in

2013, and didn’t get noticed until their song “It’s Strange” in 2015 became a hit. At the

time, Kennett was still in high school, while Hauldren was beginning his first year at

USC. After their single took off, Louis the Child opened for Madeon, the Chainsmokers,

and a lot of other big names in the EDM world. Starting in October of 2015 after

releasing a lot of other bangers, the two DJs finally had their own tour. Since then, the

group continues to do their own tours and play at widely attended festivals. Their most

recent hit single was “Better Not” in 2018, which has over 100 million streams on


I’m very excited to see this group again, as I think that they will deliver a totally

different show since when I last saw them perform. They have released multiple different

EPs and songs in the last three years, so I can’t wait to hear it all live. I’ve also rarely

seen electronic music performed at the Anthem, so I’m interested to see how Louis the

Child’s light display at this venue will compare to their visual display at Moonrise. One

of the most important elements of DJ sets is the visual component, so I’m hoping that the

Anthem will deliver! Buy your tickets now for Friday, before they sell out!