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Preview: Ayokay at U Street Music Hall 11/05

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

BY SARA TOHAMY// Alex O’Neil, better known as ayokay, is an LA-based DJ/producer best known for his eclectic mix of hip-hop, pop, R&B, and EDM. Alex first began getting into making music in his senior year of high school with his friend Mike Temrowski, better known today as Quinn XCII. They went on to separate colleges but still made music together. Ayokay became well known in 2016 with his single “Kings Of Summer”, which featured Quinn XCII. Thanks to this track, the two were able to score a deal with Columbia Records.

Riding off the success of his 2017 single “The Shine,” featuring Chelsea Cutler, ayokay is back with their second full-length release. Released on October 4th, “we come alive. (Side A)” contains the eclectic and vibrant sounds you would expect from ayokay and peers like, Quin XCII and Lostboycrow, but reflects a more experimental approach taken by O’Neil. The 6-track record embodies a rhythmic pop sound through and through beginning with the bright “California Never Rests” and ending with the mellow “Over & Out.” 

Ayokay’s fall tour will be making a stop in DC’s U Street Music Hall on November 5th, featuring opening act Wingtip. I’m looking forward to hearing The Shine, Swing Swing, and sleeping next to you live. Ayokay’s music has catchy beats that are infused with bits of R&B and alternative sounds. With this fresh new release, fans at the concert can also expect to hear tracks off the new record, along with long-time favorites such as “Stay with me,” “Sleepless Nights” and “Kings of Summer.” Make sure to checkout ayokay as they showcase their effusive vibe and latest work.