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Preview: Abhi the Nomad at U Street Music Hall, 11/08

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

BY ARCHER GALLIVAN// Abhi the Nomad, born as Abhi Sridharan Vaidehi, has taken an apt name with musical style to match. His works, predominantly rooted in hip-hop with sporadic pop and indie flare, are representative of Abhi’s transfixing life story. A child of a diplomat, Abhi bounced around the globe for almost two decades. Born in Madras, India, his journeys include residence in Beijing, Hong Kong, New Delhi and the Fiji Islands before finally setting roots in California. While this is good to know going into Abhi’s discography, one could extrapolate the diversity of his upbringing through his message-intensive lyrics. 

“Sex n’ Drugs”, Abhi’s most popular tune to date, came off of his 2018 Album “Marbled”. An infectious, borderline indie hook grips his bouncy and playful rap verses. Just like the constant redirectioning that was his global childhood experience, Abhi pledges allegiance to no one defined genre or sound. Abhi’s most recent 2019  album “Modern Trash” stays on this eclectic and catchy theme. 

Abhi touches down at the U-Street Music Hall this Friday, November 8th, touring with Atwood. Concert goers can expect to hear the best of “Modern Trash”, notably the most popular track “Me No Evil”. The upbeat and infections nature of this album are sure to translate into a rousing Friday night. Abhi is certainly a musician to keep a watch on, as many of his palatable earworms are ripe for the charts.