New Captain Cookie storefront draws interest


The line stretched out the door with students eager to to try out the new Captain Cookie storefront. The longtime food truck favorite of GW students and DC residents alike, Captain Cookie finally opened a permanent store in the shops of 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The new store opened in the small space where the old Cone E. Island ice cream shop made its living for over 25 years.

The owner of the highly anticipated store, Kirk Franics, works joyfully alongside the workers, GW students themselves, by the register and “cookie bar.” When asked about the customer base and general state of affairs, Francis said, “It’s been terrific. Many people have come and bought things from us.”

Although the store is still young and growing, Franics plans to continue improving the business. He said that same day delivery for catering services was on the agenda, as well as a couple tweaks to the menu.

“Right now, a few cookies are teetering on the edge of being added to the current menu,” Franics said. “M&M is making a strong play and the sprinkle cookie met with overwhelming acclaim.”

As a bonus, several ice cream flavors, including cookies and cream, are being considered.

In regards to the potential menu changes, GW sophomore Tyler Smith said, “I would also like to see an almond or macadamia nut cookie on the menu.”

Responding to more questions about growing the business, Franics remarked, “I will probably build more stuff.”

He revealed “I have two extra cookie trucks at the moment that I plan to send down to Florida and North Carolina in the next few months.”

The expansion, however, is not his priority. He wants to develop the store and local base as much as he can first.

Captain Cookie stays up late, typically shutting the doors at midnight, but remaining open until 2 a.m. every Friday and Saturday. Even at night, the upstairs seating area buzzes with excitement. Though small in size, the balcony level holds several tables and chairs for students to lounge in.

Freshman Taryn Faherty said she plans to go to the store often with her friends.

“I’m so excited the store finally opened,” she said. “I can see this place being like a hangout or meet-up spot.”


800 21st St. NW, Marvin Center Suite G02, Washington D.C., 20052

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