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Nathaniel Rateliff at The Anthem, 3/14

BY MACY EVANS // Nathaniel Rateliff is best known as the frontman of Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, a boot-stomping folk band who rocked the indie music scene with their eponymous 2015 debut.

His solo work enjoys a small, dedicated fan base of folk enthusiasts. And It’s Still Alright, his

new solo album, was released on Valentine’s Day of this year. Its production followed a series of

losses in his personal life, including his divorce and the death of a close friend. For those familiar

with Rateliff’s work with the Night Sweats, one of the most notable things about this new album

is its lack of tempo--there’s not much to dance to on And It’s Still Alright, unless you have slow

dancing in mind. In 10 subdued, hauntingly beautiful tracks, Rateliff treads gentler ground than

in his previous work, to great success. His trademark husky voice blends with soft, folksy

instrumentals to create an emotional intimacy that draws you in and wraps around you like a

warm blanket beside a campfire.

Nathaniel Rateliff will perform in support of And It’s Still Alright at The Anthem on March 14th.

It’s certain to be a night of strong vocals, heartfelt lyricism, and captivating performance. Tickets

start at $55 and are available here.