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Ed Metz sits in the first row directly behind but elevated well above the basket closest to the Colonials’ bench. The Colonials bring the ball up the court. There is a slight opening between the constant barrage of spirited cheers orchestrated by the Colonial Cheer team. It is Metz’ opportunity to Raise High.

Metz, donning his traditional black beanie and buff and blue Colonials T-Shirt, stands up and holds his left-arm parallel to his chest and curls his right arm arching over his head.

“Geeeeeeee!” Metz bellows throughout the Charles E. Smith Center.

“Dub!” the Colonial faithful echo back with arms raised diagonally in the shape of a “W”.

Metz received the task of leading the chant three seasons ago when the leader of the Colonial Army at the time asked that Metz use his advantageous position, front-and-center above the student section, to start the exchange.

Metz’s fandom goes far deeper than the simple “g-dub” chant. His first game was in 1976, a year after the Smith Center was built.

GW was playing then conference-foe West Virginia. Metz said he was sitting in the bleachers in what is now the student section.

He had no attachment to GW at that point, and even though he was sitting amongst West Virginia fans, Metz decided to root for the buff and blue.

Metz was a part-time student at GW for four years while working another job. He never graduated from GW but he was a member of the cheer team during the 1980-1981 season. When asked if he enjoyed cheerleading, he chuckled, “no.”

“Students would throw trash in my megaphone because I didn’t know my routine, so I retired my uniform after one year,” Metz said.

Metz got season tickets the next season and has had them ever since. He is moving to Ohio after the season, but says he will make it back for a few games every year.

The Colonial Army may be able to find someone else to start the “G-Dub” chants, but they will struggle to find someone to match Metz’ spirit and dedication to the buff and blue.

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