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The Muslim Student Association held their annual Muslim Monologues event on Friday, April 10th in the Marvin Center. Farah Albani, President of the MSA, discussed the nature and intent of the evening.

“The GW MSA isn’t the only group that does it, but it’s basically just an opportunity for people to come and to share their feelings and their thoughts about anything. Just to share anything that they feel as Muslim Americans.”- Farah Albani

There were eight performers who shared songs, spoken word pieces, presentations and poetry.

[Excerpt: La Rouge by Ali Ahmed]

One apparent and impactful theme was honest discussion of what it means to be a young refugee in the US.

[Excerpt: Secondhand Experiences by Bayadir Mohamed-Osman]

[Excerpt: Mr. Happy by Mo Black]

There were also portrayals of prejudices and nuances within the Muslim community.

[Excerpt: My Faith is Me by Elina Mir]

[Excerpt: This Is Us by Noura Abdel-Gawad and Samira El Hosary]

Albani Ended the evening by discussing the impact of the event.

“I think it’s such a valuable experience to have people who come up here and share their thoughts and their feelings and things that are otherwise just so intimate, and to come up here and share it with you all, who are listening to them and are feeling them. I think that in and of itself strengthens our community, and I think that that’s all we’re really trying to achieve, especially as an MSA.”- Albani

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[Audio: Reading of the Qur’an, The Halal Diaries by Azraf Ullah]


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