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GW Hillel celebrates Purim


GW Hillel hosted a Purim Party on Wednesday, March 4th. What exactly is the Jewish holiday of Purim?

Our answer comes from Micki Frai, the programming chair for GW Hillel, who planned the event through the organization.

“It’s essentially the Jewish Halloween, where people dress up. There are mitzvahs to give money to the poor, send baskets to your friends and to the needy. [The holiday is] essentially to read the Story of Esther which is the story of Purim,” Frai said.

At the party, there were costumes, Hamantaschen, candy, mask decorating, and an appearance by GW George himself

A talented reader from the D.C. Metro area, dressed as Elsa from frozen, read the Book of Esther in Hebrew as the main event of the celebration

Frai also gave us a sneak peek into what’s next for GW Hillel.

“I’m planning this really big interfaith event, which hopefully will come at the end of March or the beginning of April. [There are] lots of different holidays coming up, so we have Seders for Passover, and end of the year parties to say goodbye to seniors.”

For WRGW News, I’m Martha Ball.