deadmau5 at The Anthem, 11/30

BY JAYNIE KEAN// Deadmau5, born Joel Thomas Zimmerman, is a Canadian electronic music producer, DJ, and musician. He is known famously for his big robotic style mouse helmet which he wears at each concert, which is were the name “Dead Mouse” comes from, although slightly grim. He performs mostly house music and other styles of electronic tunes. His Deadmau5 persona and extreme musical talent has led him to receive 6 Grammy award nominations. He has created music with famous artists such as Cascade, Rob Swire and Wolfgang Garner. The young entrepreneur is also the owner of his own record label and is one of the highest paid electronic music producers in the world.

His fans have raved about how his raves are and often voiced their concern as to how warm

it must be underneath his helmet. Various interviews he announced his inspiration visually

and audibly from the artists DaftPunk. In the year 2000 he released a single “I don’t want no

other” and from then there has been a steady stream of releases and collaborations with

various other artists.

This year in 2019 Deadmau5 has released his most recent album “here’s the drop” which

consists of remix’ of various songs he had created previously. I very much look forward to

seeing Deadmau5 live to see if his music is enough to bring the room alive with energy. The

last time Joel visited DC at the 9:30 club, he collapsed on stage from exhaustion and

vomiting, so I very much hope that he is well rested and healthy, and we have more of an

"alivemau5" on stage.


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