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Bay Faction at the Pie Shop 10/3


Regardless of whether you've been a follower of WRGW for years or have just joined the station, Bay Faction is a band you don't want to miss.

Known for emotional hits like Sasquatch .22, the band, composed of James McDermott, Kris Roman, and Alex Agresti, met at Berklee College of Music. From there, the group began experimenting with music theory and genre, creating sounds that vary from that of Vampire Weekend to Everclear. Their music was described by highsnobiety.com as being "genre-agnostic", which describes them impeccably well.

The band made its start in 2015, following the release of an 8 track self-titled EP. The project won over listeners, and served as a very emo beginning to the band's angst-filled repertoire.

The headliner of last year's Spring Gig, Bay Faction will be on tour through October with Mons Vi, and WRGW is giving you a behind the scenes look, complete with a multimedia interview, to be posted on the blog in due time.

Come and see Bay Faction with Mons Vi tomorrow at 9pm at the Pie House! Get your tickets here!