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Anna of the North at the U st. Music Hall 2/13

BY ADIS SANTOYO// Anna of the North is gracing us with her presence February 13th at the U Street Music Hall. Anna Lotterud, better known by her stage name Anna of the North is and Oslo-based, Norwegian, singer-songwriter who is regarded as a “soft, soul-baring, electro-pop” artist. Her debut album Lovers climbed the charts and she recently released her second album titled Dream Girl in October 2019. Both albums have been given high acclaims. She is easily recognized from collaborations with Tyler the Creator and Rex Orange County. In addition to these collaborations, she recently toured with Kygo on his European tour.

Anna of the North is best known for her two top hits Lovers, which appears on the To All

The Boys I’ve Loved Before soundtrack, and Sway, which, after release, got her signed to a

record company. Sway was soon destined to be remixed by none other than The Chainsmokers. Her show is about to bring in some real feelings and emotions because her most recent album is a go to.

Anytime you are in a reflective mood turn put this album. It has a crazy way to connect with

everyone and their life. Especially this cuffing season. You will be able to relate to the

ups and downs of love, and what she has gone through in pursuit of her own OTP. My

favorite song off the album is Thank Me Later. It was the first song she wrote for the record

and it is all about taking control. In so many movies, men who give lavish gifts and money

always get the girl, but in this track Anna explains that it is the man himself and not what they

have to offer. I think we should all look more deeply into people, not just in a romantic way, but

in a societal respect towards everyone. Her voice is so soft but the tune of the song and the

energy it gives off is electric, yet available to the subtlety emotion. I am excited to see what performance she will give on the 13th. Knowing Anna it will no doubt be a remarkable one. You don’t want to miss out.

Photo Credits: Stian Schløsser Møller [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

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