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A Fal(Awful), No Good, Very Bad Day Transformed


On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, a falafel food truck, lovingly known as The House of Falafel, caught fire on the George Washington University’s Foggy Bottom Campus.

The fire began at around approximately one in the afternoon, and continued for at least 45 minutes. Three were injured in the fire. The smoke and flames eventually grew to the point that GWPD shut down Kogan Plaza, and students in Gelman Library were required to stay inside the building as a safety precaution until the flames were under control.

That day, John Kim, a Political Science major at The George Washington University, started a GoFundMe page to help repair the clearly damaged Falafel truck. GoFundMe is an online forum where anyone can donate to a cause they feel compelled to donate to.

According to Kim’s GoFundMe page, “ We see this food truck every day, and GW students are raising money for this business and those who were injured.  The food truck is part of our great community, and I believe it is right for us to help”.

In a WRGW exclusive interview with Kim, he said, “I started the GoFundMe on “Overheard at GW”, and the initial goal was $2000. Just after a few hours, the goal was met, and I raised the goal to $5000 and less than 24 hours, the goal was met once again. Then I raised the goal again to $10000, and we raised the fund nearly $10000.

I personally went to see the victims at the hospital. I received their phone numbers, and we worked through how much money they need. I gave them the amount that they said they needed.”

By December, Kim posted an update, ending the fundraiser because the $10,000 goal was nearly reached. “As of right now, we raised $9794 of our goal $10k”. Kim continued, “I am writing this update to tell you that I am giving money to these 3 people.: Naceur (the owner), Rosa, and Rebeca. For Rebeca, Natividad, her sister-in-law, will be receiving the fund for personal reasons”.

There is currently a new falafel truck on campus. No connection between the two trucks is known at this point.