Here at WRGW, we're committed to making our station a place for everyone!  

In 2019, we spearheaded a new program: the WRGW Podcast.  Every month, a new group is selected to record 1 season of the WRGW podcast. The podcast can be on any topic: you've just got to have a fresh idea.  Feel free to do it with friends or by yourself. 

Don't worry- we'll help you with everything from writing to production to editing- we just request that you prep a pitch of an idea!  If you're selected, we'll be in touch with the next steps of the process. 

This application is rolling, so we'll send it out monthly and keep looking for new ideas. If you submit an idea this month and don't hear back from us right away, we may reach out to you to host a season later on in the year - no need to resubmit every month. 

Best of luck!

Submit a podcast idea!

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