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One Season Wonder, by hosts Joseph Chambliss, Jack Lavin, Adam Brewer and Kyle Parker follows TV shows that couldn’t make it to a second season.


Episodes cover TV shows Abby's, How to Be a Gentleman, and The Great Indoors.  You'll feel right at home with our charismatic hosts, and you'll get all of the details on shows that couldn't quite make it.


Artwork by Manasa Karthikeyan and Emily Venezky.

Directed by Emily Venezky.

Produced by Jillian Chilingerian, Olivia Osborne, Emily Venezky, Jess Makler, Isa Delpino, and Jack Mitcheltree.

Mixed and Mastered by Olivia Osborne and Jack Mitcheltree.

Soundtrack by Jack Lavin.

Sweepers by Jess Makler.