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Position Name Contact
General Manager Hillary Dale generalmanager@gwradio.com
Station Manager Isobel Mohyeddin stationmanager@gwradio.com
Personnel Director Delfin Ogutogullari personnel@gwradio.com
Programming Director Pooji Jonnavithula programming@gwradio.com
Operations Director Deanna Reyes and Owen Vacheron operations@gwradio.com
Production Director Olivia Osborne production@gwradio.com
Music Directors Victoria Middleton music@gwradio.com
Talk Director Chris Harlig talk@gwradio.com
News Director Robert O’Shaughnessy and Abby Gipe news@gwradio.com
Sports Director Zuri Lawrence and Cam Ventola sports@gwradio.com
Business Director Tori Swiacki business@gwradio.com
Marketing Directors Clare O’Connor and Natalie ODell marketing@gwradio.com
Alumni Director Samantha Hardy alumni@gwradio.com
Events Coordinator Lucy Meyer and Taylor Galgano events@gwradio.com